Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our 2015 Vacation

 Our first vacation without Jacob. He is in California serving his Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ. The Mormons.  It was weird. As my kids start to grow up and leave our home it is the same and different. This is something that will be forever different. He is an adult doing his own thing and that is hard sometimes. This is our NEW life. This is something that was the same though.  We always went to Temple Square in Utah. It is almost something we feel we have to do. We don't go to Utah enough to visit family and living    PA                                                                                                            it is something my children need to be
 exposed to. We enjoyed it.

The buildings were beautiful, as you can see. The feelings are always the same. In Pennsylvania the Temples are not plentiful so our children don't get to see them as often as they should. Living out here it is hard to live the gospel at times. No one seems to understand what our church means to us or why we go every week. There is nothing in my church that I don't agree with 110%.

This is City Creek Mall. It is beautiful. As you can see. The ceiling retracts and exposes this food court to the outside. Totally awesome! It was nice to get inside as it was one of the hottest days of the Summer when we were visiting. 
 This is a reflection pool that is on top of the churches Conference Center. At the end the water goes over into a water fall that falls to the main floor of the building. About 4 stories.
 My children in front of the Salt Lake city Temple. John James and Kaitlynn.
 The Salt Lake City Temple is the Temple Jason and I were sealed for time and all eternity. We don't use the words till death do you part. We claim to have authority to seal families together forever.
My sister and I sharing a giggle

 our family picture.
 Kaitlynn with her cousin Wyatt.

 St. George Temple.
 Our family in front of the Christus Statue in St. George visitor center.
Is it Jason Is it me I see John I see flowers.

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