Wednesday, October 6, 2010

face book woes/wows

I just joined facebook only because Jacob our oldest boy started facebook. I thought to myself, I better get on so I can keep an eye on him and be able to check out his facebook wall(is it called wall?) and just to be a good mom. Isn't this was good mom's do? You know snoop in their kids lives. Well he was on for two weeks and was doing preaty well reconecting with family in the west that he doesn't know very well and chatting with friends he knows back here in Pennsylvania. I opened my account on Monday and low and behold Who knew I was this popular in highschool, because I have become inundated with people wanting to be my friend. I hope people don't think I'm a snob but I really didn't want to get too involved with something that would take more of my time. I am a busy enough woman, with everything that I do. I would also like to follow the prophets council and to only do things that value and meaning to my life. This has created a wierd reaction in Jacob. He is jealous of all the people trying to be my friend. Who Knew? I guess it's a status thing with his friends as to how many "friends" he has on facebook. Well we will see how long this lasts for me. Who knew I was sooo popular.Jealous?

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