Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mouse in the house v.s. our fat cat

The first thing my mom yelled is there's a mouse in the house. Everyone jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Everyone yelled, as a gray small field mouse ran across our tile floor. For my mom this was a first! She has never had a mouse in her house before! We chased it under the fridge and then the stove. After both were pulled out we couldn't find it. Apparently it was behind the dishwasher. We couldn't move that. Mom decided to clean behind the stove while it was out, and just when she was almost done out pops Jerry. (tom and Jerry) Ha Ha! Not as cute in real life. When we took our cat to the scene, she just looked at it and didn't do much to kill it! We could tell our cat was just too fat and lazy, and a true princess, to do anything about it.As my mom said "eee!, eee! C'mon cat! Earn your Keep!" Eventually mom took a mop and pounded the little mouse till its nervous system was completly destroyed. John then finished the job by crushing it with dad's shoe. I then picked it up and threw it outside. The cat THEN went outside and ate it.


  1. Ewww! You actually picked it up?? I have a mouse story for you. Ask your Dad about the time Mom Mom and Darla were in the basement and he was upstairs with Kara.

  2. That was a very funny story Jacob! Why do we big humans get so startled and afraid of a tiny mouse? Crazy! But I am afraid of mice. And I too jump on a chair when I see one. We had them all the time whenI was little. One night one was in the house and Mom Mom was over in the kitchen chasing it around with a broom. I had just gotten a bath and was sitting crossed legged on the floor in front of the TV. That little bugger came runnng over and went right up my night gown. I did the "I am freaking out and the mouse is up my night gown dance" bouncing the mouse to oblivion. Mom Mom kept screaming, " Put your night gown down." When I finally dropped my night gown, that little petrified mouse ran through the mouse hole and we never saw him again.

  3. Eeeeeeewwwwwww! I hate mice! I would have been screaming along with everyone else! :-)