Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you like me?

Do you ever feel that you can't do anything really well. That is where I am in my life. I work and work at things and can never get things done to my satisfaction. I can work all day at cleaning my house and it still never looks like I want it to at the end of the day. I can do the dishes right after dinner and when I get up in the morning there is a pile of dishes sitting in the sink. I can work all week at the laundry and put everything away and yet I still have a certain little boy who says he has nothing to ware. I can work at weeding the garden and there is never enough time to get it all done to my satisfaction. Things are getting done, but just not quite good enough. Half of my problem is I have someone in my house (I don't know who) undoing everything I do. I folded all the washcloths the other day and someone unfolded them all. Sooo... I have updated the look of my blog hoping that it can look just a little bit more proffessional and give me and only me a little bit of satisfaction.


  1. I like the new look Karen. And I remember those days. But before you know it you will find yourself at home with the kids grown and gone. Then when you say, I want to read a book or I am going for a walk, you can. Anytime you want to.

  2. YES!! I have the same Gremlins in my house, undoing things and you know what.....WHO CARES...spend your time loving your kids and doing things with them because there will always be time to clean and make things look "perfect" but the time you spend with your kids will soon be gone.