Monday, February 1, 2010

Life with Kaitlynn

Life with Kaitlynn has certainly change our lives. I haven't had enough milk to keep her happy and healthy, but she is now slowly gaining some weight. We are in the process of checking my thyroid to make sure that isn't the problem. I've always been able to nurse my children without any problem so this is a new experience. I certainly sympythize with women who work hard to feed their children with little success and a lot of trial. Kaitlynn will be blessed on Sunday and we are looking forward to this milestone. Jacob will be able to hold the microphone and is looking forward to participating. He was just ordained a teacher. Has it been that long? Life goes way too fast.


  1. Now you need to change the name of your blog and get a new family picture. ;)

  2. I got here from Weedle's blog. I had some issues with milk supply I hope that it is working out for you. If it wasn't your thyroid, did they have you try fenugreek or mothers milk tea? They both work really well and are found at natural food stores. Just thought I would share. - alexis