Monday, March 30, 2009

Karen loves this picture and went to great lengths to get the boys to pose for her. John apparently thought it took too long and Jacob just wanted to shield his eyes from the sun. James seems to be the happiest one with it all.
We thought waiting for Old Faithful would take a lot longer than it did. Maybe that was due to the fact that we arrived just a few minutes before it was time to release some steam. Boy weren't we lucky. The boys found a nice log to sit on and made themselves right at home.
After spending most of the Yellowstone tour in the van, the boys and Jason found a spot almost on top of the world, and got out and enjoyed the view. It was very windy and was very exciting for us. Karen decided to take the safe way out and stayed in the car. She was a little bit nervous about how high we were and spent the next few minutes on the way down the mountain hiding her head and hyerventilating.
The Rexburg temple. This wasn't there when Karen and I were there and we both said that things have really changed in what used to be a really small quiet town.


  1. And the same goes for this comment. I was logged into your account when I commented. The pictures are still amazing.